How Can You Block My Way? Asks an Angry Mohanlal

“What rights have you to block my journey? Why should I be made to suffer because of your religious festivals and celebrations? What do you know about my problems?” these are questions that Malayalam superstar Mohanlal asks in his latest blog-post titled ‘Happy Journey’.

In the blog-post, he shares the experience of his friend, who while travelling from Kozhikode to Palakkad for a family function was held up for hours on the road due to traffic congestion caused by a temple procession.

“In the coming days, Kerala will witness a lot of political marches from Kasaragod to Thiruvananthapuram. Many festivals and religious processions would also take place in the coming months. That is all well and good, but while those are happening, is it fair to obstruct normal travelers and create difficulties for them?”

Organizers of religious festivals, functionaries of religious institutions, and political and religious leaders should not forget the common commuters and their problems.”

Since long, all processions, whether religious or political, are held on our roads. And their numbers are increasing these days. As it is, our roads are inadequate and congested, so one can imagine the immense hardships people suffer to reach their offices, schools and work places on time.”

Doubt if something like this, by hindering traffic, happens anywhere else in the world. Being unmindful of others’ problems basically shows a lack of culture.”

Strength in numbers should not be used to curtail individual freedom. Politics should be in our thoughts and religion in places of worship. Not on public roads. Like the old-timers say, everything has its own place…”

So continue with your processions, but just be mindful of others’ problems too. This will only increase your stature. And in turn that of Kerala,” wrote the actor.