Daiva Dasakam May Receive National Prayer Status

There are high hopes that Daiva Dasakam, the prayer song written by Sree Narayana Guru, may receive the status of a national prayer. A memorandum will be submitted with this request to Prime Minister Naredra Modi during his two-day visit to Kerala starting on December 14.

The popular prayer song, regarded as Sree Narayana Guru’s most popular literary work, is also one of his most significant contributions after his momentous deed of erecting the Shiva temple at Aruvippuram.

Daiva Dasakam stands out not only for the relevance of its message, but also for its literary merit. Originally written to be sung by children, irrespective of caste or religion, it is now popularly used before all kinds of social events and functions.

The PM is scheduled to unveil a plaque with Daiva Dasakam inscribed – in both Malayalam and English – on it at the Varkala Sivagiri Madhom. The plaque is being unveiled to mark the centenary of Sree Narayana Guru scripting the prayer.

Daiva Dasakam
Daiva Dasakam

According to reports, Swamy Sachithananda, the coordinator of Modi’s Sivagiri programmes will hand over the memorandum by the Sree Narayanan Dharma Sanghom Trust (SNDST) to Modi requesting that Daiva Dasakam be made a national prayer song.

Calls had been made earlier in 2009 too by the state government to raise the status of the song to national prayer. However, no action had been forthcoming from the central government.

Along will unveiling the plaque, Modi will also plant a sapling to mark the historical significance of the spot where it will be placed. It was exactly here that Mahatma Gandhi had met the great social reformer 90 years back.