Attempt to Oust ‘Collector Bro’

The Kozhikode district Collector, N Prasanth, fondly referred to as ‘Collector bro’ by adoring fans in social media circles, is facing the threat of transfer. A pressure group involved in quarrying and sand mining activities in the district is allegedly lobbying hard to remove the Collector from his post.

Ever since Prasanth assumed charge in February, he has been engaged in a relentless fight against illegal quarrying and sand mining. A week ago, he issued a stop-memo to several quarry owners of Mukkom. This is thought to be the immediate provocation for the quarry lobby to try for his ouster.

Reportedly a few quarry owners approached the revenue minister Adoor Prakash to remove Prasanth from his post and the minister has purportedly assured them that he would be transferred in the next shuffling of IAS officers in February.

However, the collector is in no mood to back down. “The quarries which have been ordered to be shut down will be definitely made to do so,” he said.

Meanwhile many social media users have extended their support to the tech savvy collector who is sort of a celebrity on Facebook with over 1.5 lakh followers to his page which he uses to interact with netizens.

A well liked figure ever since he took charge, Prasanth has initiated several welfare schemes and other initiatives that have gained him a lot of popular support. All these initiatives appear on his FB page, Collector Kozhikode. ‘Operation Suleimani’ aimed at making the city hunger-free, ‘Savari Girigiri’ to ensure safe travel of students commuting by private buses, ‘Kozhipedia’ a platform for people to share information and know more about Kozhikode are some of the notable schemes that were introduced by the ‘Collector Bro’.