A Frightful Flurry of Reunions

The new buzz word around is Reunion. There are reunions happening all over the place. School friends, college friends, locality friends, girls group, boys group, mixed group, with family group. You name it and we have a group for it.

My earliest memory of the word ‘reunion’ was arranging a meeting with family and extended family. And then came those in the academic setting, the alumni, which is kind of a craze these days, seems like everyone is going for one every other day!

Reunions are there in every aspect of our life. It has spread its tentacles with WhatsApp and other social media as they play a major role in connecting people across land and sea. Everyone is part of some group on WhatsApp and every group in WhatsApp can have a reunion.

Reunions are a hit among people who are over 40 and have kids who can take care of themselves. They have husbands or wives who are happy to be away from each other for few days. Mothers and fathers who are tired of looking at homework, tuitions, PTMs, work pressure, work from home etc. These discussions haunt me wherever I go.

In the earlier reunions, there was an element of anticipation and surprise. Now the group gets photo updates from every angle and the person missing the reunion gets minute-to-minute account of the tiniest detail. Receiving these messages and going through the conversation puts pressure on the souls who missed the reunion.

Now the word reunion has started giving me palpitations. I wouldn’t say that I am against reunions. Mostly they are just a reason for taking a break from the sometimes boring existence. And I know I need to Get Out and meet people. But the sheer pressure of people freezes me. Am I anti-social or anti-group? I wonder if I am the only one or are there others like me!!!

Maybe we could have a group on WhatsApp… …what say?