The Best Smartphones of 2015

YouTube sensation and one of the top gadget reviewers around, Marques Brownlee, gives us his pick of the best smartphones of 2015. This 22 year old who goes by the username MKBHD has more than 3 million subscribers on YouTube and tests all sorts of gadgets. Viv Gundotra, former senior VP of Google called him ‘The best technology reviewer on the planet right now’.

In this video Brownlee sorts his picks down in different categories based on their size, camera, battery life, price etc:

Jonathan Morrison, another top gadget reviewer also has posted his picks of the best phones of 2015 in his year-end wrap up. He says that 2015 was an amazing year for smartphones, but the three which stole the show according to him are the Nexus 6P, the iPhone 6s Plus and the Moto X Pure Edition.

Watch his video here: