Baked to Perfection, With Love

Chocoliesh, Chocolate Truffle, White Truffle, Irish Coffee, Rainbow, Fresh fruitcake, Red Velvet, Blue Velvet, Cheesecake…..Cakes were a completely foreign dish to Malabar a few decades back. An exotic delicacy one hears about or sees and tastes once in a while. Then the basic teacake and plum cake began making appearance in bakeries. Then it graduated to icing cakes for birthdays and sometimes on Christmas.The love affair between this delicacy and Malabar grew further in the 1990s when more bakeries and eateries sprouted about in the area sprinkling fresh flavours of sweetness. Black Forest, chocolate and fresh cream cakes became more popular over time. However, designer cakes are the new rage here now.

Sugar Sisters is a baking enterprise by two sisters, Shemayel and Shurouck Saleem in Kallai. With the motto “You name it, we bake it!” they specialize in customized cakes and other desserts of different flavours meant for special occasions in life. Besides cakes, they create magic with cupcakes, tarts, donuts, pies, French macroons, mousse and cookies. Their baking business thrives with promotion on their Facebook page “Sugar Sisters”, which with its regular updates of colourful and rich cake varieties have over 8,000 likes and more than 400 raging reviews amounting to an amazing 4.5 stars out of 5.

Shemayel and Shurouck Saleem
Shemayel and Shurouck Saleem

Shemayel, the elder of the entrepreneur duo, has completed her graduation from Providence College, Kozhikode while Shurouck Saleem has just started her degree course in Farook College. Shemayel learned about cakes from her mother Amal Saleem and began baking on her own when she was 15 years old. Her little sister shares her passion for baking and together they bake sweetness to perfection.

Their love for baking and the support from family helped in turning this passion into a profession. Their family consists of father Saleem P N who works in Saudi Arabia, little brother Azmeel Saleem, a Class VI student and their inspiration and fellow-baker Amal Saleem, their mother. All the cakes ordered are baked and crafted picture-perfect by them with her help and are then delivered to customers.

“Our main attractions are the handmade edible 3D cake toppers”, says the elder Sugar Sister, Shemayel. What makes the cakes from Sugar Sisters special is not just their amazing creativity or exquisite taste, but the personal touch for each customer. Each cake is designed in fondant, fresh cream or some other flavor by considering the likes and taste of the customer. It might be a birthday cake for a little girl with tiny teddy bears and pink hearts. Or it might be an elegant wedding cake with rich flavours and handmade toppings chosen and designed specifically for the customer.

Sugar Sisters say they deliver cakes for any occasion including birthdays, weddings, bridal or baby showers, and even cakes with messages like thank you, sorry or welcome. On an average, they get orders for two to three customized cakes per day which shows the increasing popularity for the personal touch in desserts.

Sugar Sisters have been catering to the various dessert needs of Malabar for the past two years. They get orders through Facebook and through references and have even delivered to Bangalore. “Rainbow cake is one of our most popular cakes, especially among children. Our chocolate cake also seems to have a lot of fans.” This small enterprise from Kozhikode has become quite successful and even baked the cake for cine actor Asif Ali’s and wife’s baby shower.

According to the Facebook review of Raihana Mariyam, a satisfied customer, “One word and it’s still underestimating: Perfection.” After all, who doesn’t love an amazing slice of cake?

(The Sugar Sisters can be contacted at +919995260096 or on their FB page)