Smart Phones Driving Internet Growth in India

The percentage of people using internet has been rising rapidly in India. According to the latest statistics recorded by the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) the total number of internet users in the country has increased more than 17% from January to June 2015 becoming approximately 354 million individuals. A record growth of 32 % in a single year, from 302 million at the end of 2014.

Over 60 % of this is mobile users, which is unique; no other market in the world has similar domination of mobile internet. With affordable smartphones, even 4G ones, flooding the market the trend is set to continue.

IAMAI is a non-profit body which regulates and improves services regarding mobile and online services. It has prominent companies like Google, Facebook, Flipkart, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Ola and eBay among others as its members.

While the growth from 10 million users to 100 million took more than ten years and three years to double it, the internet user base in India became 300 million from 200 million in just one year.

Going by IAMAI report, internet is clearly hot commodity in the country now. According to IAMAI associate vice-president Nilotpal Chakravarti, the rise in the number of internet users is going to be pivoted by town and rural areas where mobile internet will become the determinant factor. “The advent of low-cost smartphones, coupled with low mobile tariffs, has empowered consumers in the hinterland to use data connectivity and we will be seeing more usage of internet from these areas in the months to come,” he said. He also added that increase in internet usage is sure to give a shot in the arm for digital commerce in the country.

Not only digital commerce, but also digital ads, payment and social media have all received consistent boost from the rising internet usage. According to IAMAI, the key factor of increase in internet content in local language will lead to a 39% growth in the number of internet users, especially in rural areas.

According to Internet World Stats, the highest rise in the number of internet users has been recorded in Asia with 1,129.3% growth rate during 2000-2015. Contributing 17.5% of the whole internet users in Asia, India is sure on a steady growth path in internet usage.