Movie on Prophet Released; Another Feather to A R Rahman’s Cap

India’s top music composer A R Rahman is making headlines again. This time, it is for composing music for Majid Majidi’s new film Muhammad: Messenger of God. The film was released in Iran last week to packed audiences.

With a budget of $ 40 million, it is reported to be the most expensive Iranian film ever made. Renowned director Majid Majidi took five years to complete the project which he started after many discussions with Sunni and Shia scholars. The film is produced by the government of Iran.

A R rahman with Majid Majidi
A R rahman with Majid Majidi

Muhammad: Messenger of God, as its name suggests, is about the life of prophet Muhammad up to 12 years of age- the first film in a trilogy picturing the prophet’s life. Majidi has been careful not to show Muhammad’s face as it is considered forbidden in Islam.

Academy award winning Italian cinematographer Vittorio Storaro, with his play of light and shadows, portrays the presence of the prophet on the screen. It was also reported that a huge replica of Mecca, the holy city, was set up in Tehran for the making of the film.

Even though prophet Muhammad’s face is not shown in the film, it has raised much controversy in the Islamic world. The Al-Ahzar University in Egypt as well as many Sunni Arab countries have come up against the film and even called for a ban. Qatar has announced that it is going to make its own film portraying the prophet’s life.

A poster of 'Muhammad: Messenger of God'
A poster of ‘Muhammad: Messenger of God’

According to Majid Majidi, the film projects the vision of love and peace which is the real identity of Islam. “The film starts with [Prophet Muhammad’s] adolescence, and his childhood is shown through flashbacks. We chose the period before Muhammad became a prophet,” said the acclaimed director.

Muhammad: Messenger of God was to be screened for the first time at Fajr International Film Festival in Tehran in January 2015. However, it was cancelled due to “technical difficulties”.

Moustapha Akkad had produced and directed a film by the same name on the life of Prophet Muhammad back in 1977.

Final trailor of the film:


End credit song of the film composed by A R Rahman: