No to DJ programmes and vehicles on campus

Strict regulations for celebrations and events within college premises will come into force with the Kerala High Court upholding the state government’s circular on the matter.

Restricting students’ vehicles on college campuses and activities like DJ programmes by outside agencies, the court said that college and hostel campuses are not venues for students to show off and called for strict implementation of the government circular.

The judgment came in the wake of the death of a student in accident during Onam celebrations on the campus of College of Engineering (CET), Thiruvananthapuram two months ago.

In his judgment, justice V Chitambaresh ordered that the circular should not just remain in paper and state government should ensure that it is effectively implemented in universities and college campuses.

The court observed that celebrations in colleges were crossing the limits and directed that programmes on campuses cannot spill over 9 pm and students’ vehicles shall not enter beyond parking area.

In addition, the court pointed out that presence of teachers is a legal requirement in programmes conducted by students.

The order was passed while considering petitions filed by students suspended from the CET in connection with the death of the third year Civil Engineering student. The court held that disciplinary actions should be best left to the college administration and declined to interfere.