Nirapara Ban: Kavya and Kushbu in Trouble?

Kerala food safety authorities have banned the manufacture, storage, sale and distribution of Nirapara brand chilly powder, turmeric powder and coriander powder on charge of adulteration. Food Safety Commissioner T V Anupama ordered the ban on Friday after it was found that these products contained added starch.

A big consumer brand in Kerala, Nirapara is manufactured by KKR Food Products, Kalady. The company had been claiming that the products were natural and pure when, in fact, they were adulterated. Apart from spices, the company also deals in pickles, instant-mix products, rice and flour.

As part of routine check, food safety officials had collected random samples of Nirapara products from different parts of the state. The samples were first analysed at the State Analysis Lab and, following an appeal from the manufacturer, reanalyzed at a referral lab. Both results showed samples contained added starch which brings down nutritive value and can cause stomach disorders.

The Commissioner directed the company to recall all the banned products from the market and file a compliance report.

This is not the first time the brand has landed in trouble; over 30 similar cases against the brand are pending in different courts in Kerala.

Spices Sold Despite Notices

The ban was imposed after the manufacturer continued to sell adulterated spices despite notices sent, adjudications filed and fines imposed, according to an official statement. Assistant Commissioners of Food Safety have been directed to inspect storage facilities of distributors and retail outlets and seize the banned products of effective implementation of ban.

Brand Ambassadors Kavya Madhavan and Kushbu in Trouble?

Reports are also circulating that Nirapara brand ambassadors actors Kavya Madhavan and Kushbu could be charged for false and misleading claims made in advertisements.

Food Safety and Standards Act has provisions to charge those who endorse adulterated products.

However, Kushbu is reported to have said that celebrities are not responsible for these issues. Their duty is to act according to contract given by the company and not to ensure quality of product. It is for the concerned department to ensure product quality and safety, she said.