Kozhipedia, Kozhikode collector’s latest initiative

Kozhikode district collector has come up with another initiative after Operation Sulaimani (free meal scheme for the needy) and SavariGiriGiri (ensuring safe journey for students) to connect with the people. Named “Kozhipedia”, it offers a platform for people to share information and know more about Kozhikode.

This is the latest addition to the district’s dream project ‘Compassionate Kozhikode’ – aimed at making Kozhikode a better place to live in – says N Prasanth, the district collector through his Facebook post. As with his other initiatives, social media has already given it a big thumbs up going by the response.

Kozhipedia is an opportunity to share your local knowledge on a community managed platform. Ranging from information about streets, pathways, stories, legends, folklore, cultural and natural heritage, this initiative aims to explore all the possibilities of documenting Kozhikode as a destination.

Modern technology will make this easy. The information shared and gathered will be useful in many ways – from planning development projects to dissemination of essential information to public, tourism, nature conservation and a whole lot more, says his FB post.

He promises to talk in detail in coming days.

How it works:

Kozhipedia aims to make a people’s map of Kozhikode. Providing information about the district’s roads, streets, pathways, stories, legends, folklore, cultural and natural heritage, pharmacies, open wells, palliative clinics, schools, bird sanctuaries, play grounds, water falls etc. on a map that belongs to the community. All by sharing collective local knowledge.

The content generated stays open with no ownership to anyone and the data is free to use.

Currently, the district is training volunteers to document destination stories on Wikipedia, blogs, YouTube video, open street maps etc. so that the mapping becomes a culture of ‘Compassionate Kozhikode’.

Anyone who is interested to join the initiative can find more information about Kozhipedia from the website compassionatekozhikode.in

Reaching out through social media

Kozhikode Collector N Prasanth
Kozhikode Collector N Prasanth

This is not the first time that collector N Prasanth has been promoting the district’s projects through his official Facebook page. In fact, he is praised for his effective communication with people through social networking sites and has succeeded in drawing netizens in droves in order to make Compassionate Kozhikode’s early initiatives instant hits.

Earlier, the district development programs like Operation Sulaimani, SavariGiriGiri, Hey Auto etc. caught the public eye with the collector’s social media promotions. Netizens had extended their warmth and support to their “Collector Bro’s” recent venture for cleaning Kozhikode beach, which was also associated with Compassionate Kozhikode.

Compassionate Kozhikode is a project evolved by the district administration under the stewardship of the district Collector that aims to “generate and nurture the spirit of compassion in individuals”. Its objectives include helping institutions like mental health centre, children’s home, old age homes and palliative care centres.