Kerala to Offer Tourists Beach Huts a la Goa

Kerala is set to boost beach tourism by taking a leaf out of Goa’s book. The state, with its long Arabian Sea coastline and numerous beaches is going to offer beach huts for tourists to rest and relax. These eco-friendly shacks will be modelled on traditional fishermen’s homes.

The plan is to construct 50 huts on selected beaches in three months. The Kerala Tourism Department have called for designs of environment friendly huts. The inspiration behind this is the huts and shacks in Goa which is popular with tourists.

The beach huts, which will adhere to coastal regulation rules, are to be made of low-cost, locally available materials such as coconut palms which are plentiful and have traditionally been used for such purposes in Kerala.

Beach huts in Goa
Budget beach huts in Goa

As part of responsible tourism initiative, these beach lodgings would be managed by educated coastal women who are financially weak. Kerala Tourism will seek the help of Kudumbasree women’s collective, and others to make this a success and attract customers.

The huts will come up in less busy beaches and coastal regions that don’t have many hotels, resorts or other tourist accommodation. They will be ideal for budget tourists looking for quiet and unspoilt beaches.