Preserving the Cherished Memories

College magazines are the face of a campus and reflect the lives of the youth and the times they live in. Every magazine echoes the thoughts, attitude, perceptions and voice of the students in the college. But these treasures usually fade away too soon, relegated to a dusty shelf or lost to the effects of weather and time.

A group of former students of Thalassery Brennen College has come up with a solution to this problem as a gift to their dear campus – digitisation. They see it as the key to preserving and immortalizing the thoughts, memories and stories of a generation.

The Brennen Alumni Association is in the process of digitising the college magazines of the past fifty years. The association comprises of students who studied on the campus from 2000 to 2010. The entire expense of the digitisation process is to be covered by the fund collected from the students. The digitised magazines will be presented to the campus at the family gathering of Brennen Alumni Association in the second week of September, as part of the 125th anniversary celebrations of the college.

Edward Brennen's Bunglow
Edward Brennen’s Bunglow

Edward Brennen and the History of the Brennen College

Brennen College situated in Darmadam, near to Thalasseri has a quite vivid and rich history. According to historians, it tells the story of the kindness of a British man named Edward Brennen who was washed ashore in Thalasseri in the 19th century. He loved the people of Thalasseri as his own. Working as the master attendant at the beach port office, he was loved by the native people and could be seen distributing money and food to the poor and playing with children on the beach in the evenings.

Edward Brennen’s love for the people led him to spend his life savings, Rs 8900, to build a school to provide free English education to all children alike. Though he passed away three years prior to the starting of the school, the primary version of the present day Brennen Higher Secondary School in Thalasseri began in 1862.

Edward Brennen's grave
Edward Brennen’s grave

Edward Brennen’s grave can still be found in Thalasseri unattended and forgotten by all. The educational institution he started became a high school after four years. It was upgraded to a second grade college after 24 years and later to a first grade college. Later on, Govt Brennen College was shifted to its present location at Darmadam. Govt Teachers’ Training College and Govt Higher Secondary School functions at the old premises today.


Preserving the Heartbeat of the Past Generation

The digitisation process is aimed at creating a link of literature between the past and the present. Brennen College is one of the oldest colleges in north Kerala. The aim to digitise their former college magazines is indeed an appreciable effort towards preserving the heartbeat of the past generation, a piece of history itself.